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    Jerry and Danelle O'Dell 's Love Story

    The below beautiful love story is copied from a Facebook post made by Danelle O'Dell. Danelle wishes this story of how God helped her and Jerry save their marriage to allow it to now have flourished for many years of happines together be told to others so as to be of help to those who might be struggling in their marriage.

    How God Saved Our Marriage

    Danell ODell

    I repeat this true story of my marriage to give hope! If you are struggling in your marriage, don't give up! There is a better way!

    I was 17 and Jerry was 26. I was a partying high school girl and he was Vice President of the local Commerce Bank when we met.
    We were opposites.

    Two months later we were engaged. Nine months later we were married.

    I tried to change him and he tried to change me. We both always wanted our own way. Our first 5 years of marriage were terrible, even though we had our beautiful son Bret.

    We separated three times, and we were two weeks from our court date to get a divorce.

    One night on a whim I needed to talk to him, but I didn't know why.
    He felt the strong urge to talk to me too.

    God stopped us in our separate tracks and had me call him and had Jerry want to talk to me after months of arguing!

    After years of us being ready to get far apart from each other we both felt the need to try and make our marriage work one more time.

    God changed our hearts-or maybe we just finally listened to Him!

    For the first time that night we both got on our knees and prayed together. We told God we would put Him first in our lives and let Him lead our marriage!

    We have kept that promise to Him and our lives have never been the same! Today (May 30, 2019) is our 38th anniversary and we love each other more than we could have ever imagined!

    God brought us together, and God held us together. We do not take our blessings for granted!

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