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  • Search for Uncle Dave

    Captain David Baker, my wife Alice's great uncle, is one of the main characters in my recently published book, "May to December Miracles". Genealogical research had led me to the fact that he died in 1908 and was buried in the Mt. Vernon cemetery in Atchison, Kansas. Last fall, prior to completion of my book, Alice and I had tried to locate his tombstone.

    We first toured the Atchison County Historical Society museum and visited with a member of the museum staff. She gave us directions to the Mt. Vernon cemetery. As an added gem of information, she told us of the existence of the Sumner cemetery. Since Sumner is also an integral part of my book and the town of Sumner ceased to exist over one hundred and fifty years ago, this information came as a pleasant surprise. But that's another story.

    The directions they gave us proved valuable for about a block. Thank goodness for Siri. She faithfully led us to the site. "You have arrived," Siri said after about a ten-minute drive. But no cemetery was in sight. A young lady was mowing the lawn of the suburban farm home in front of which Siri claimed to be the cemetery, so we reverted to the old-fashioned way of getting directions. "Excuse me Miss," I yelled as I waved to her as she was mowing by. "Can you direct us to the Mt. Vernon cemetery?"

    "Sure, make a right just ahead about a hundred yards and go up the hill."

    Siri had spoken too soon. We still didn’t see the cemetery sign until we were well off the main road and about half-way up the hill.

    We could not find Uncle Dave's tombstone. The cemetery was huge, and I thought, between the two of us, we had looked at every tombstone in it. But keeping track of what you had seen and had not seen was a dauntless task. We did our best until we were exhausted and frustrated. I'd hoped to find Uncle Dave and use a picture of his tombstone in my book. But we gave up.

    Eight months later: Last week on May 15, 2022, we were again in Atchison and determined to find Uncle Dave. We visited the Atchison County museum once more and spoke with the director. He was very helpful and found the location data for Uncle Dave's tombstone and a 1992 map of the cemetery. He was not sure of what the location data meant in relation to the map, but he made a guess and circled several spots on the map as likely places to look. He even made a full-size copy of the map for us. On the map, the cemetery was laid out in neat, square sections.

    We proceeded to the cemetery, still needing help from Siri but knowing this time what to do once she said we had arrived. The cemetery layout hodgepodge belied the neat squares shown on the map. By this time, the mid-day sun had heated Atchison up to summer temperatures and the spring rains and fertile soil had grown the grass to several inches. I'm sure the cemetery is normally well kept and, while we were there, mowers were busy at work.

    Our search this time was much like it had been the previous fall. After thirty of forty minutes, I was tired, hot and sweaty and more than ready to call it quits. Alice was still in sight, so I yelled to her, "Alice, let's give up for now. We'll come back next year and try it again."

    "Not yet, I'll keep looking a bit longer," came back the reply.

    I returned to the car, put the seat back, turned on the radio, had a cool drink of water, and felt much better. I lost track of time. But I knew it had been a long time since Ali;e had said just a bit longer. I began to worry. I picked up my phone and said, "Hey Siri, call my wife." Siri responded, "Calling my wife."

    I heard the calling tone on my phone. Alice's phone rang loudly from its cradle on the dashboard. What now? Should I go look for her? Then we'’d both be lost from one another. Better just stay in the car and wait. Fortunately, this wait was brief before I heard Alice's approach with the exclamation, "I found him!"

    Found him she had. We drove two roads over and sure enough, there he was. The tombstone was an impressive size and next to the road, the first one in that row of stones. It was hard to miss, but we must have run out of steam and not searched that area last fall.

    Dave Baker tombstone

    We will be in the Atchison area again next month, and I plan another visit to Uncle Dave's grave. This time we'll bring him flowers and, I know it’s silly, but I also plan to leave a copy of my book among those flowers. Rest in peace, Uncle Dave.

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