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    Learn About the Birds and Bees
    From Your DNA

    Jerry L. Walker Sr.
    May 11, 2016

    We may be a bit old to be learning about the birds and the bees, but here are some things our dear old Dad or Mom412846 did not tell us.

    What Jesus Said

    In spite of what President Obama's Justice Department might think, God did create man and woman

    What Jesus Said

    Matthew 19:4 Jesus answered, "Have you not read that from the beginning the Creator 'made them male and female?"

    Today''s Science Agrees

    And modern science knows that too. As technology advances over the ages, God allows man to learn more and more about some of His secrets of creation. Just within the last 15 years we have made great progress in deciphering the mysteries hidden in the heart of each of the scientists' estimate of 37.2 trillion cells within our bodies1. In the nucleus of each and every one of those cells two chemical strands reside.

    What Is DNA?
    These strands have been determined to be "simple" but very long molecules (super high molecular weight polymers) composed of the common elements carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and phosphorus. These polymeric strands are, of course, DNA ; deoxyribonucleic acid2. Although the structure of DNA is such that it could not be stretched out, if it could be then each of those strands would be about six and a half feet long (about 2 meters)3. If my arithmetic is right, that means that if all the DNA in your body were stretched out and laid out end to end the strand would wrap around the earth almost two million times!

    The two strands of DNA are coiled around one another except that at 23 locations they are knotted and folded together like a ball of string. Each of those locations is a chromosome in which reside all the genes of our bodies, currently estimated at about 20,000 genes 4. Although the traits of the genes vary, the chromosomes of each strand are identical except for chromosome 23 and 46 in the human man. These are the sex chromosomes given the common names X and Y. In women, both of these chromosomes are X. The genetic nature of men and women is thus widely different.

    The Human Genome Project:b> Within the chromosomes, the chemistry is such that a code, like a computer code, exists which defines the function of each gene. These genes, and therefore the code, define all the physical attributes of who you are. Modern analytical techniques have allowed completion of the human genome project, probably the greatest advance yet of this 21st century. "Completed in April 2003, the HGP gave us the ability for the first time to read nature's complete genetic blueprint for building a human being."5

    That's the scientific world's viewpoint. My instinct tells me that there is still a whole lot more within that DNA that God has not yet revealed.

    But let's get back to the story I promised about the birds and the bees. DNA, I learned, exists as two intertwined strands in all cells except in the sex cells. The strands have separated in the sex cells and men have separate cells in which either the X or Y chromosome exists. Women, on the other hand, have single strand cells in which each has only the X chromosome. Life begins when a single sperm cell fertilizes a single egg cell. In other words, one strand of either X or Y chromosome is united with one strand of X chromosome so that the odds of the new baby being boy or girl are 50:50. God knew that men would war against one another and thus result in an excess of women over men so He adjusted the odds accordingly such that today the world average birth rate of men over women is 107 to 100. 6. Whereas there is only one female egg cell available for fertilization at a time, there may be up to a million male cells vying for the job. To beat the odds, the Y-chromosome sperm cells are a little bit faster and stronger than the X-chromosome cells.

    A Dilimna
    As I learned a bit about DNA and the birds and the bees I discovered a dilemma. Since DNA is identical in all the cells and remains so throughout one's life, does that then not mean that the Y-chromosome and the X-chromosome from which the baby's life commences are also always identical? If that were true then all men would look exactly like Adam and all women would look exactly like Eve. I'm sure that would make for a world full of beautiful women but how boring would that be? God obviously provided a solution to that potential problem.

    Cell Division
    Cells in our body must divide and multiply so that we can grow and to replace dead or injured cells. Cell life vary from a relatively short time to an average of 10 to 15 years except certain of your cells, like those within your brain, will most likely live as long as you live.7 All cells except for the sex cells divide and multiply by a very complex, DNA governed process known as mitosis. In this process each cell divides into two identical cells in which the DNA in each cell is also identical and exists as the double strands.8

    However, the sex cells are different. They divide and multiply in an even more complex process called meiosis. In this process the two strands of DNA in the parent cells embrace even more tightly to such an extent that the genes in the chromosomes are intermingled in what is described as the shuffling process. It would be like having two decks of 20,000 cards per deck and shuffling them together about a hundred times and then dealing them back out to two decks one cards at a time. What do you think the odds are of doing that twice in a row and finding that each time every card ended up in the same deck in the same order as it had been prior to the shuffle?

    Adam and Eve

    Well, that's about it, Do you know now more than you did about the birds and the bees? I have just one comment left concerning DNA and genetics. The Darwin advocates would have you believe that we evolved from some slime in the ocean in which life was magically inserted and evolved from there up the evolutionary line through monkeys to man. But God tells us that we all are descendants of one man, Adam. Modern science agrees. A renowned genetics expert proved existence of Adam and Eve through DNA research. "But the Bible's language is clear that Adam and Eve were real people. Their historical existence and fall into sin are foundational to the gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition, the science of genetics-including human and chimp comparisons, mitochondrial and Y chromosome DNA, and human genetic variation- confirms and is consistent with the fact that all humans have descended from an original couple specifically created by God as described in Genesis."10.



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